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Retrofit 5 GHz LiveWire

Retrofit 5 GHz
Pimp your LiveWire! 

The Retrofit 5 GHz is the economical modernization and performance-upgrade for existing LiveWire tools. By exchanging components and adding new, modern technological advancement, existing LiveWire tools are brought up to the latest standard. 


  • The Retrofit 5 GHz contains the LiveWire Memory Chip.*
  • New dual band antenna system.
  • Faster link connection to the WLAN network. 
  • Due to the wider 5 GHz frequency band, the number of independent free channels is higher. 
  • Support of the 2.4 and 5 GHz WLAN network. 

Which LiveWire tools are suitable?
LiveWire tools with the material number: 47BA...B...
LiveWire tools with the material number: 17BP...B...

The advantage for the operator lies in the modernization of the system and in the related assurance and increase of the productivity at notable lower costs compared to a completely new acquisition of a LiveWire tool. Due to the expansion oft the frequency band up to 5 GHz, there is the opportunity to use the existing WLAN network much more flexibly. 

Bring your LiveWire tools to 5 GHz - Economical and future-proof. "Acts effectively against the revages of time" 

*All important WLAN settings including the individual MAC address are stored on the interchangeable LiveWire Memory Chip. This allows a smooth and fast exchange of a tool even in a secured WLAN network by just exchanging the LiveWire Memory Chip.  

WLAN Technical Data/Options:

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