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Apex Tool Group GmbH & Co. OHG
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73463 Westhausen
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Seminar program 2016 for Apex Tool Group - Power Tools - Technical Trainings for Tightening products and systems Cleco and DGD.
Besides the fields of Installation, Maintenance, Process Optimization, Hotline & Remote Support, Parts Management, Service, Repairs and Calibration, the Qualification of our customers is an important element of our service portfolio.

Our Mission

Transfer of knowledge in all in areas of fastening technology.
Only optimally trained employees are able to fully exploit the potential of APEX Power Tools in your company.

Our Value Propostion

APEX fastening technology is your guarantee of maximum production reliability. Optimally qualifi ed employees guarantee the effi cient handling of APEX Power Tools and compliance with your quality standards. The APEX Training Academy has a range of seminars orientated around the relevant target group for the qualifi -
cation of your staff.

The APEX Training Academy

Fully equipped seminar rooms with „state of the art“ presentation media and seminar equipment guarantee optimal learning with the right mix of theory and practical exercises.

The APEX Trainer Team

Our didactically trained team of trainers undergoes permanent advanced training to make sure they are always at the current level of technical expertise.
Besides our harmonized global standard seminars, our trainer team will be pleased to work out with you a seminar concept for your staff, specially tailored to your individual requirements.               

Apex Training Academy

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