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Dotco Introduces New Line of Pneumatic Sanding Tools

Sanders offer durable, ergonomic surface preparation solutions for industrial applications.

Dotco Introduces New Line of Pneumatic Sanding Tools
Sanders offer durable, ergonomic surface preparation solutions for industrial applications

Dotco Tools, a division of Apex Tool Group, has added a line of sanders to its surface preparation portfolio. The new random orbital and geared sanders from Dotco are designed for operator comfort, superior durability and versatility. The sanders deliver a superior finish on wood, composites, solid surfaces, fiberglass, metal and stone, making them ideal for auto body, industrial, marine and woodworking applications.

“Our new line of Dotco sanders is designed for operator comfort,” said Dave Bigg, Global Product Manager — Pneumatic Assembly and Material Removal at Apex Tool Group. “We offer low profile, comfort grip and with wrist support that improves the feel and maneuverability of the orbital sander. This allows operators to work harder, for longer periods of time without wrist fatigue.”

Random Orbital Sanders

The Dotco random orbital sander is used for light surface prep applications in the garage, wood shop or shipyard. Weighing just 1.77 lbs, the random orbital sander measures 3.3" high. It generates .3 HP of sanding power and 12,000 rpm so operators can complete projects faster.

Because sanding vibrations can cause operator discomfort and fatigue, the random orbital sander has an ergonomic wrist support and a vibration-absorbing comfort grip. The 2 ¾" and 3" grip offerings come standard with the tool. For added comfort and accessibility, the random orbital sander has a lower profile design than competitive sanding tools and measures just 3.4" tall.

The new random orbital sanders from Dotco feature a fan blade cooling system. This Dotco-exclusive technology reduces the temperature of the bearing and spindles to extend the life of the tool. The random orbital sander is built with hardened alloy steel cylinder and coated aluminum end plates to reduce the weight of the tool and further enhance its durability.

To enable the random orbital sander to tackle the same challenges as its operator, the tool has a dual channel vacuum. This feature boosts the tool’s vacuum pressure to increase its sanding efficiency. In addition, the sander has a 360-degree rotating exhaust to direct air and particles away from the user. The random orbital sander is available with 3", 5" and 6" PSA, hook and loop pads, allowing the operator to choose the best accessory for the application.

Two-Hand Geared Sander

When the project calls for heavy-duty leveling, sanding and blending, operators can turn to the Dotco two-handed geared sander. The sander’s ergonomic, durable design keeps operators comfortable while tackling tough industrial applications, like removing small welds and prepping surfaces for paint.

The geared sander has an extended handle that allows operators to run the tool with both hands for increased maneuverability. The two-handed Dotco geared sander has a soft-grip insulated handle to reduce vibrations and a lever-type throttle, which makes the tool easier to use. In addition, the two-handed geared sander has a rear exhaust system to direct air away from the operator for a better user experience.

To stand up to tough industrial environments, the  handle on the geared sander is made of chemical-resistant materials. The tool’s double output bearing design, hardened alloy steel cylinder, machined steel gears and 8-vane motor further enhance its durability. The sander also uses an epicyclodial sanding pattern — instead of a random orbital pattern — to aggressively tackle the removal of tough materials.

Like the random orbital sander, the two-handed geared sander is available in central vacuum and non-vacuum options. It can generate 900 rpm and be paired with 6" and 8" PSA, hook and loop pads for stubborn removal projects. 

To learn more about the new line of sanders, visit Dotco-Tools.com/DotcoSanders  or www.apexpowertools.eu.

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