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New Generation Cleco LiveWire Fastening System - Manage up to 16 tools with only one controller

The new Cleco LiveWire™ generation combines the freedom and flexibility of cordless tools with real-time wireless transmission and up to 1700 rundowns per battery charge, meeting highest security standards.

Cleco LiveWire™: Manage up to 16 tools with only one controller 

Cleco introduces an improved and complemented series of the LiveWire™ cordless fastening system for safety critical fastening. The new LiveWire™ generation combines the freedom and flexibility of cordless tools with real-time wireless transmission and up to 1700 rundowns per battery charge, meeting highest security standards. Designed to maximize efficiency and productivity, the LiveWire system has the ability to use up to 16 tools with a single controller, allowing each tool to communicate directly with the plant network. The user-friendly LCD interface with configurable buttons and status indicators allows to communicate real-time tool information. The intelligent global controller Cleco mPro400GC ensures high torque precision as well as a precise process control and documentation for every fastening cycle.

Using a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) interface with highest security encryption and authentification levels LiveWire™ secures the safe data transmission for all safety critical fastening applications from 3 to 90 Nm (Special versions available upon customer request).

LiveWire™ offers several functions for high precision torque, angle, and speed control. For safety critical fastening applications the motor power can be monitored as a redundant measurand with respect to the torque, allowing process secure Class A tightenings (VDI/VDE 2862).

The latest generation anglehead P-series tools with spiral cut angle gear optimize lifespan and precision, in consequence extending maintenance intervals to 500,000 cycles, which is twice that of the previous design.

“In designing the LiveWire system, we wanted to create a product that was durable enough for the industrial environment, but also one that would provide reliable communication virtually anywhere on the plant floor,” said Adrian Hetzel, Global Product Manager Electric Tools, Apex Tool Group. “By combining cordless functionality and wireless capabilities, the LiveWire gives our customers the mobility to use the product in a variety of industrial applications.”

The tools of the LiveWire and LiveWire 2 series are available in right angle and pistol versions. Additionally Cleco offers several tubenut and crowfoot versions.

All LiveWire fastening tools feature a modular accessory platform, allowing customization of the tool (without disassembling it) by adding a barcode scanner, gyroscope or tool location module for the mistake proofing of processes.

In addition several tool holders, suspension bails and protective covers are available for production line integration. The LiveWire system also offers multiple battery, charger, and power module options for flexibility in runtime, weight, and functionality. 

At a glance

  •  Up to 16 tools with 1 Controller
  • 1.700 rundowns per battery charge
  •  500.000 cycles per maintenance interval
  • 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz dual band WiFi interface<s> </s>
  • Highest security encryption and authentification levels
  • 512 cycle memory buffer
  • Precise torque recognition with measurement transducer
  • Onboard intelligent functions with power management and I/O signal handling
  • Modular accessory platform
  • Brushless precision motor
  •  Integrated servo

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By: Astrid Koke

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New Generation angle head cordless tool

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