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The new Cleco® impact wrenches product family is available in three series: the CWC Premium Composite Series, the CWM Premium Metal Series, and the CV Value-featured Composite Series.
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Reduce your costs in your tightening applications with our new Cleco pulse tools H series. 56 new tool versions offers market leading repeatability, more than 500,000 tightening cycles before service... read more pulse tools news
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Your clever and flexible Torque & Angle Wrench. Our Cleco LiveWire I-Wrench is a true all around production tool to meet your flexible manufacturing needs. It is the perfect tool for advanced threaded tightenings. Read complete News...
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The new Cleco 19 series tools increase your productivity and offer you uncompromised comfort. We improved the reliable Clecomatic Clutch, you get higher precision, durability and repeatability. See the latest product video!
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Cleco LiveWire Angle- and Pistol nutrunners in use at the sports cars manufacturer KTM in Graz, Austria. The video shows several joints including the supervision with the adequate controller.
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Robust and lightweight aluminum housing. Quickly changes between a powerful blowgun and a vacuum system Includes accessories and convenient blow mold carrying case Can extract metal shavings, small parts, dust, wood chips....
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Drilling-Systems for highest Precision, Repeatability and Synchronization. Our portfilio offers straight, angle and deep drilling tools as well as peck feed drills. Click here for download the brochure.
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The new mPro400GC Global Controller, the first controller for safety-critical applications that offers unsurpassed levels of flexibility, connectivity, and serviceability while providing superb torque accuracy and process control. More...
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Read more about our brand new products: Cleco H-Series - We redefine Pulse Tools! Dotco Venturi X - 2-in-1 Air Blow Gun and Vacuum System! Cleco I-Wrench - Smart and flexible for Production! Quackenbush - High Durability 967 / 968...
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